I have published part of my submission on my blog – is it still eligible?
Yes, that’s fine, as long as the whole manuscript is not available online. You must also be prepared to remove the extracts if requested.
I’ve submitted my work to an agent but I haven’t heard back – can I still enter?
Yes! However, if you do sign up with an agent during the judging process then you must inform us and make your agent aware that the submitted work does not form part of your agreement with them.
I haven’t finished my novel yet – can I still enter?
That’s up to you. You will need to be ready to submit the completed manuscript immediately, if and when we request it.
I’m not sure what age my book is aimed at – how do I know?
Do some research into what is currently published for these age ranges – many books will specify which audience they are intended for on the back cover.
What is the minimum word count for the whole manuscript?
There is no strict rule about this, but it’s best to aim for no less than 30,000 for the younger end of the age range, and up to 100,000 at the upper end.
I’ve entered another writing prize – can I still enter?
You can, but you must let us know if you are longlisted or shortlisted elsewhere.


Sounds great, but what exactly am I signing up for?
All we ask you to commit to is reading the excerpts by the eight longlisted authors and casting your vote. However, we’d love you to be as involved as you like – we want to hear all about what it is you’re looking for at this early stage of the competition and what you think about the longlist when it’s announced. Keep an eye on this website and @writenowprize on twitter for more ways to get involved.
What’s in it for me?
Lots of things!

  • A brilliant new author to sell, published by Macmillan Children’s Books in accordance with your (and your customers’) wishes.
  • More specifically, a stunning hardback to sell – the winning (physical) book will be available EXCLUSIVELY at your shops!
  • The winning author will be available to promote the books.
  • The publicity surrounding this prize will promote independent booksellers as well as the authors.
  • We will provide you with Write Now! POS material (bunting, bookmarks, etc.) throughout the process to share with your customers (more on that soon).
  • We’ll also give you a mention in the back of the book! There’ll be a big thank-you to all the participating stores, listed individually by name.
Is there anywhere that we can discuss the longlist with other booksellers?
Yes – and we’d love it if you did. Join the Indie Pinboard group on Facebook to chat about what you’ve read.